Saturday, June 8, 2019

Urban Ultra + Relay

The Calgary Run for Water Urban Ultra & Relay will take place on Saturday June 8, 2019 with Leg 1 beginning at 5:00am. The 61km race was chosen to represent the 61 million people in Ethiopia without access to clean water. Tackle the distance on your own or enter a relay team of 2, 3, or 4 participants. The route will wind its way throughout Calgary and join up with our 5K and 10K racers for an exciting finish. There is minimal elevation change throughout the course.

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Urban Ultra + Relay

Support clean water projects in Zeneshka, EthiopiaRegister

Challenge Yourself

Run the 61km as a solo runner, or complete the four legs as a team of 2, 3 or 4. Leg One will be 14km, Leg Two will be 14km, Leg Three will be 23km and Leg Four will be 10km. Leg Four will fall on the regular 10km route of the Calgary Run For Water event.


Race Details

  • Start: 5:00am, chip timing cut-off time 3:00pm
  • Minimal elevation gain throughout the course
  • Short-sleeve technical shirt included
  • 1 beer ticket included for each runner
  • Post-race refreshments and food included for each runner
  • Relay members are responsible for personal transportation to transition areas
  • Individual and relay team awards

The Course

Leg 1 (14km): Begin in Carburn Park and head South along the Bow River pathway system towards Fish Creek Park before looping back on the opposite side of the river to head back to Carburn Park.

Leg 2 (14km): This route heads North from Carburn Park along the Bow River, through scenic Beaver Dam Flats and continues on through Inglewood to Patrick Island Park.

Leg 3 (23km): Leaving from Patrick Island Park this leg will travel along the scenic Elbow River and eventually loop through Sandy Beach Park before heading back to Patrick Island Park.

Leg 4: (10km): For this leg, runners will join the 10K runners. This route takes runners west, along the River Walk- past East Village then heading north onto Prince's Island. Exiting off the north side of the island, runners will then head east along the north side of the Bow River pathway, until they reach the eastern-most corner of the Calgary Zoo. At this point on the pathway there will be the 10K turnaround is here. Runners then return to the George C. King Bridge at St. Patrick's Island, returning to the finish line and event plaza.

The course will be extensively marked with flagging, signage, and course marshals on race day. Leg 1, 2, and 3 will be marked with specific colors of flagging. Leg 1 will be marked with pink flagging, leg 2 with blue flagging and leg 3 with green flagging. Note: Route and leg distances are subject to change by the race organizers.


Your registration fee of $125 provides clean water to a family in Ethiopia for LIFE! Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are proud to announce that 100% of all registration fees will go directly towards a clean water project in Ethiopia. By running the Urban Ultra & Relay, you are providing lifelong clean water to an entire family!

Race Package Pickup

Package pick-up is Thursday June 6th at Strides (Marda Loop) @ 3566 Garrison Gate SW from 4pm to 8pm. Race packages MUST be picked up prior to the race. If you are travelling from out of town and will not be in Calgary on the Thursday evening, arrangements must be made with the organizers in advance for race-day pick-up. At least 1 member from each team must attend race package pick-up.

Race Fees

Calgary Urban Ultra + Relay

2019 Urban Ultra + Relay Fees

Race DistanceEarly Bird (until March 31, 2019)Until June 5, 2019
Relay - Registrant doing 1 leg only$80$95
Relay - Registrant doing 2 or more legs$125$140
Solo runner doing full distance (61km)$125$140

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